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Today of all days, I choose to commit to my highest self, the best that I can be today.

Whatever my best is for today. 100% or 42%, I choose to commit THAT to myself today.

I choose to harness as much love, support, forgiveness and trust towards myself, my gifts, my abilities. There is nobody else in this entire planet who can give that to me, except my Self.

I commit time and space today for myself. For stillness, for quiet, for restoration, for healing, for creating, for bonding with my Self.

I commit to nourish my body, my mind, and my spirit with good energy, good food, good habits, and good thoughts.

I commit to be kind to my self firstly, to seek my truth and to stand by it.

I commit to protecting my heart and my soul for it is my utmost responsibility above all else.

I commit to witnessing magic and miracles each and every day.

I commit to choose my happiness, my peace, and my growth each and every day. That I may shine from the light of my soul which I nourish and nurture with the grace of the Divine Source through prayer and deep self-reflection.

I commit to living my best today and may this promise I have made to myself become a beaco of inspiration for others to commit to their own joy and peace as well.

So be it.

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